• Mediation and Child Custody Cases

    Separation and divorce often result in an argument over the children. Custody issues are usually very difficult to deal with. It is too challenging to reach a decision when it comes to where the child should live, and which parent should...

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  • Trips, Traveling, and Vacation With Your Children Post Divorce

    After the divorce, family trips should still continue to be enjoyable and memorable. When moving forward, families will benefit greatly when both parents come up with a solid plan in regards to the vacation time with the children. Concrete...

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  • Mediation is the Place to Start in a Divorce or Separation

    Divorce or separation is difficult to go through even when it is rather amicable. When feelings are raw and volatile, hostility may be present. Dividing the jointly owned property can be problematic if a couple tries to handle it on their...

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  • The Law and What it Means to You

    Law and its meaning to you While you may know what law is and why it‘s necessary for controlling our conduct in society, not many think about how law affects the average person. Have you ever wondered about it? Do you find it...

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  • Entering into Internation Contracts and Commerce Requires Legal Help

    One of the main problems with doing business across international frontiers—and especially online business is that it can be difficult to attain your legal rights or to exercise them in another country. One of the  problems with...

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  • Having an Attorney You can Trust is Imperative

    Trusting an Attorney

    According to a survey conducted by Leo J Shapiro for the American Bar Association, most people need legal help at least once a year. The problem is that most of us do not actively seek legal help and are not aware of where to find it when...

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