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    With so many divorce lawyers in Buffalo and Western New York, why go to a small law firm? Simple—Daniel J. Sperrazza, Esq., can offer you the legal acumen, attentive service, and the professional atmosphere you are looking for from a Buffalo divorce lawyer, all while making you feel comfortable in the office.

  • Divorce/Mediation 

    At Sperrazza Law Firm, you will find certififed mediators who have also been trained in the collaborative law process.  The divorce is not the end of your relationship with your former spouse, especially when there are children involved.   It is important to do what you can to ensure a respectful parting.  Daniel J. Sperrazza, Esq.,  offers the help divorcing couples need to part ways amicably.

  • Family Law

    Legal issues affecting your children or the family can be fraught with hostility. Parents often become aggressive in protecting their children's best interests. It is important to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your case stays on track and your rights are protected.

  • General Practice Law

    As an attorney experienced in many areas of law, Daniel J. Sperrazza, Esq.,  can assist you with  myriad  legal services such as real estate matters, preparation of your Last Will and Testament and other estate documents, small business and civil litigation matters.  The Sperrazza Law Firm can be your "family attorney" in Buffalo.

Buffalo Divorce Lawyer and Mediator

Buffalo Law Firm in Western New York helping Erie and Niagara County families resolve their differences

Using the courts can be costly and cumbersome. Having an attorney who can offer a variety of solutions to help reach the best outcome for all parties is imperative today.

 Whether divorcing parties  decide to mediate, collaborate or simply hire an attorney on both sides to handle their divorce, there are a lot of decisions to make. Navigating the legal system can be difficult and stressful.

Divorce attorneys who are skilled in mediation are  invaluable in that they offer an approach to divorce where all parties are involved in working towards a solution in a respectful manner.

A comprehensive legal practice

The Sperrazza Law Firm can provide cost effective and skilled legal counsel for nearly any legal problem.  With a broad array of experience as a New York divorce attorney and family mediator, we bring a personal touch to any legal issue that may arise.

  • Daniel J. Sperrazza puts his many  years of experience as a divorce lawyer in Buffalo to work for his clients, helping them through  a difficult situation.

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    Divorce & Family Law

  • Mediation involves the divorcing parties working with an impartial mediator to discuss all issues of the divorce, including custody, property division, spousal support and child support.

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    Mediation and Collaborative Law

  • The Sperrazza Law Firm offers a wide array of traditional, general practice services, including real estate, estate planning and small business law.

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    General Practice Law

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