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Buffalo Child Custody Mediation

Child custody is one of the highly volatile elements in cases where children are involved. There are many different issues to be considered with both parents are often fighting over who gets the child There […]

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Buffalo Divorce Attorney

Divorce attorneys are one of the people that are trusted to settle the division of assets of a couple who are dissolving their marriage. There are several questions to consider when you are hunting for […]

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Chid Custody Agreement

A child custody agreement can have serious implications on your tax filing and your taxes overall. This issue should be addressed with your attorney or with your accountant while you are going through the process […]

Child Custody Mediation

Getting ready for Child Custody Mediation

Many couples who are divorcing use divorce mediation and child custody mediation rather than an all out battle in the courts to determine the best custody arrangement. The mediation can also help to determine other […]

child custody mediation

How the Courts Determine Custody of a Child

If you are getting divorced and there are children involved the odds are good that you’re going to undertake at least some kind of rudimentary custody arrangement through the courts, even if you have amicably […]

child custody mediation

Managing Schedules in Co-parenting

When the divorce proceedings are over, most couples who have children get into co-parenting. The parents enter this agreement for the benefit of their kids. Usually, they divide equal time for their children. It can […]


Understanding Child Custody Laws

Child Custody Laws differ from state to state. You need to check with your state’s laws to get the most current information. When it comes to child custody Laws, there are a few states that […]