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Buffalo Child Custody Mediation

Child custody is one of the highly volatile elements in cases where children are involved. There are many different issues to be considered with both parents are often fighting over who gets the child There are cases where substance abuse or abuse could result in one parent losing custody entirely, but the law looks on what is best for the child. Child custody mediators are not allowed to give legal advice, that is not their job. Mediation of child custody cases is one way to negotiate a fair custody agreement.

The purpose of a mediator is to have an impartial authority to interview all the parties and find a manageable agreement pertaining to custody for both parents and or grandparents to custody of the child or children. It is a good idea to research mediators before committing to hiring one to help solve problems. Think about what is best for your situation and your child before meeting with a selected mediator in the Buffalo, New York area. This will help them to do a better job if you have some idea of what your goals are.

It is a good idea to consult with a qualified child custody mediator in the Buffalo area because it can save headache and missed work for you and less stress on your child. Changes in schedule and home life are very hard on children and parents. Professional associations able to help reduce the stress during this time while considering the various ramifications of the law and what is best for everyone involved.

In New York, there is a difference of legal custody versus physical custody. Often the parent that has physical custody is also responsible for legal custody at the time the child is with the parent. Grandparents and other non-parent family can also apply for visitation rights. This may be a good point to consider talking about with the child custody mediator. Local laws as well as state laws need to be considered along with factors pertaining to the ability of the parent to provide a safe place for the child. A mediator for child custody is one of the ways of making sure the best interests of the child are met.

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