Financial Illiteracy

Financial Illiteracy May Leave Parties at the Losing End It is often taboo or unthinkable for married couples to discuss financial literacy and marriage assets. This void in financial education leaves many couples with serious […]

divorce settlements

Divorce Settlements

The Division of Community Property There are several factors that enter into play when couples divide their  property. They will determine how much one party receives and can be highly subjective with each case. Divorce […]

divorce mediation

Why Choose Divorce Mediation

Ailments start to arise when divorce starts to enter the picture. People who undergo this situation often experience psychosomatic illnesses, headaches, panic attacks, anxiety, disrupted sleeping patterns, depression, and backaches. Marriage is one of the […]

divorce advice

Divorce Advice from Lawyers

Divorce Advice Divorce can be a traumatic experience emotionally, psychologically, and financially. Divorce can cost both parties  thousands as the process progresses. Here are some things they would like to share with regard to saving […]