How Do You Prepare Yourself for Mediation

“Assisted negotiations” is another term for mediation. This doesn’t give anyone much orientation about how to prepare for it and what to expect. Mediation is a process and the principles below can guide you toward the satisfying resolution of your dispute:

  1. Make certain that the representative and the party are completely informed, have the right to resolve the issue, and present during the mediation. If parties cannot attend, teleconferencing and video-conferencing can be utilized. Even so, it is always best to be present physically at the venue.
  2. Always be prepared for anything. There will always be new developments and information about the dispute’s resolution. Be open to them. View them as a means to eliminate or decrease the issues.
  3. Be aware of the tactics. Take note that mediation does not go well if litigation tactics are applied in it. Think about your reaction to your plan. See if it is in your best interests, possibly offensive, or necessary.
  4. Learn to listen. This allows you to focus on the problem at hand. Do not get distracted by the people associated with the dispute.
  5. Prepare your mind for your mediation. Speculate what you must do in “what if” situations. Spend some time reflecting on your approach and how you should discuss it.
  6. Be careful of how you act or speak. You should present your better version and how you present yourself. This invites a more productive conversation.
  7. Use your imagination. If you do this, you can turn crises into productive situations.
  8. Understand and review your strategies and preferred mediation methods. Also, know your goal and the results you want to get.
  9. Never underestimate the instructing party. Mediation is easier if everyone participates as a team.
  10. Make sure your mediation materials are in order, complete, compelling, and most of all, delivered ahead of time to allow every participant to absorb their content. Also, be prepared to explain and clarify your own materials.

Mediation can be stressful and disheartening if you do not know how to handle the situation well. Resolving disputes is never a pleasant thing. Take the time to think about your every step so that you can get through the mediation smoothly.

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