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Is There Really a Need for a Child Custody Lawyer

When a marriage ends, the last thing you want to happen is for the children to suffer more than they should. They do not deserve to be deprived of either parent, especially during such a challenging time. This is when child custody should be discussed with your ex-partner and with an experienced attorney. Yes, you can represent yourself, but there will be times when a child custody lawyer would be an intelligent choice.

Signs That You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Ending a relationship is not that simple when children are concerned. Their lives are extremely affected when they know their parents are not together anymore. Remember that there are attorneys who specialize in the proper placement of your children. Your family or divorce lawyer may not be able to handle that after the divorce. When there’s doubt about who will support your children and where they should live, it would be best to hire a specialist to handle the matter with your interests at hand.

What a Child Custody Lawyer Does

The moment you see a highly experienced child custody attorney, you are in good hands. This legal professional will speak and fight for your interests during contentions about the children and mediation. Other matters include:
• Negotiating rates in child support
• Helping you with the necessary paperwork
• Representing you in court (if ever the matter reaches that point)
• Making you the primary caregiver for your child after the divorce or separation

How Much Would A Child Custody Lawyer Set You Back?

There are many approaches by which lawyers set their rates and bill their clients. These professionals may charge you a flat rate for a simple case, inclusive of all services. It is always best to suggest a standard hourly rate if the case will lead to a court or if you have issues in negotiating the rates. The costs depend on your place of residence. Don’t hesitate to ask how much your attorney will charge you.

What Should You Expect from the Child Custody Process?

The entire process of child custody will be less costly and a lot shorter if the parents can reach an agreement without getting to court. Ending up in court means that the judge will be the one to choose which parent is capable and more willing to care for the children. That parent will then have primary custody. You and your ex-spouse will share custody if the judge deems the two of you are both worthy of caring for the children. An experienced child custody lawyer will make sure that the process doesn’t veer away from the goal and that the ultimate outcome is fair to all.

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