Mediation and Child Custody Cases

Separation and divorce often result in an argument over the children. Custody issues are usually very difficult to deal with. It is too challenging to reach a decision when it comes to where the child should live, and which parent should exert effort in visiting the child. That is why many parents resort to working with a seasoned law mediator for such situations. Mediation Defined Child custody, support, and property division are some of the divorce-related issues that mediation helps settle. A third party, called the mediator, helps spouses resolve their disagreements during the divorce.

Experienced attorneys who practice family law are those who become divorce mediators. They are the lawyers who have completed their specialized mediation training. They do not make decisions like the arbitrator or the judge. They merely help couples reach an agreement.

Child Custody Mediation: Preparation Stage Below are some things to consider before you start the mediation:

• Get some legal advice from an experienced lawyer. It is always best to be armed with the knowledge of your responsibilities and rights before you enter mediation.

• List down the daily routine and schedules for your child and yourself.

• Prepare your proposal for visitation and custody. Consider birthdays and holidays. Prepare details about transportation and exchange of locations for picking up and dropping off the child.

• Compile all necessary records including letters from the child therapist, medical records, and report cards. Steps in Mediation Here are the common steps in the mediation process:

• Set a meeting with the mediator

• Point out and classify the challenged issues

• Have an open mind as you discuss the solutions

• Draft, finalize, and sign the final custody agreement.

Remember that there are several factors in setting an amount of time you should spend on mediation. The willingness of the parents to reach an agreement is also a factor to consider. Mediation for child custody is not the venue to fight about the relationship’s errors. The mediation concentrates on the child’s future and the child’s best interests.

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