divorce mediation



Mediation is a process where both parties sit with a neutral, independent mediator who will provide all the legal information necessary for the couple to reach a fully informed agreement in order to be divorced or legally separated.

The agreement reached will resolve all matter, which may include division of property, the matter of spousal support and all issues regarding the children, including the matter of decision making, the schedule of time the children will spend with each parent and any financial concerns related to the children.

In Mediation, both parties will be fully involved in the negotiation and terms of the final agreement – because in Mediation it is the parties who are in charge of the discussion and negotiation.

Before the final agreement is signed, I personally require that each party obtain legal counsel to ensure that their respective rights are protected.  The cost of having an attorney review the final agreement is much less than the cost of having the attorney negotiate and craft the agreement for the parties.

I am a trained mediator and always recommned mediation if I beleive it to be a responable alternative for a couple.  Contact me to discuss your specific case and see if mediation is right for you.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law is an alternative to medation and litigation.   In this instance, both spouses and divorce attorneys meet to enter into a discussion about all marital issues. This takes place  in an out-of-court environment and an amicable and effective  settlement is the desired outcome.  During these meetings, the parties agree to fully disclose all information and assets.

Like mediation, a premise of the collaborative law process is good faith bargaining with the goal of accomplishing an agreement tailored to each party which insures a peaceful, healthy and respectiveful post divorce relationship.

As a member of the Western New York Collaborative Law Association, I am  experienced in and committed to finding peaceable resolutions to divorces of all magnitudes. Please contact Daniel J. Sperrazza, Esq. for more information on this area of law and to see if a collaborative approach to divorce is right for you.

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