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Reasons for Choosing Child Mediation

When things are not going so well between a married couple, they should start thinking about the welfare of their children. Separation of the parents usually results in having to make choices. These include the often confusing process of where the children should stay. To avoid the stressful and traumatizing court hearings that could settle the matter, many parents resort to child mediation. Below are some of the reasons why disagreeing parents choose child mediation:

 Divorce is filled with conflict. It can leave a negative effect on  children who see their parents go through the process. As the fight goes on, the children are often caught in the middle. Through child mediation, the situation becomes a lot easier for the children because here, the parents cooperate in deciding what’s best for their kids.

There is no one to blame in child mediation. When parents always argue and blame each other, they become ineffective in caring for their children. In child mediation, there is a child mediator, who looks out for the welfare of the children. Through the mediator, the parents eventually agree on a parenting plan for their children. Whatever the result may be, no one blames each other because the decision is made by both parents.

Child mediation is classified as non-adversarial. Mediation for child custody is a collaboration that aims for what’s best for the children. This process is unlike the process of divorce, which is usually a fight between the couple. Child mediation concentrates on what is best for the kids. This process intends to come up with a good parenting plan enabling both parents to be present in the lives of their children. If things do not go smoothly, everyone must go to court.

Child Mediation reduces conflict and stress. Stress is terrible when the conflicts heighten during a divorce. It usually leads to lack of concentration, diminished patience, and inadequate sleep. Child mediation lowers the stress by making the parents forget their conflicts whenever they work on the parenting plan for their children. This prepares a brighter future for the children.
Every disagreeing married couple should stop and look at their children first. Through child mediation, both parents can make sure that their children won’t suffer even if their marriage ends.

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