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Signs Indicating that you should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

If your marriage has just ended and you have a child or children to consider, it’s only normal to ponder on hiring a custody lawyer. Perhaps you are tempted to represent yourself but there are circumstances when toughness and perseverance are just not enough anymore. Below are some situations that should convince you to have a child custody lawyer by your side when you enter that courtroom:

  1. The child custody case has become more convoluted. There are times when a child custody case starts out as a simple, then turns into a complex one as it progresses. An event might give rise to the suspicion that your ex aims to persuade the court that you are an unfit parent. Your ex might even consider not sharing custody anymore. Complications like these tell you to get a child custody lawyer on your side.
  2. There is a child custody lawyer representing your ex-spouse. The moment your ex starts to work with a child custody lawyer, it is time to have your own child custody attorney as well. It is best to look for free legal help if you think you don’t have the money to hire one with a private practice. You wouldn’t want to feel disappointed and frustrated because your case did not become favorable for your just because you didn’t have your own child custody lawyer.
  3. You strongly believe that your children are in harms way. The safety of your children always comes first. If you firmly believe that your kids are in danger, then it is crucial for you to win the child custody case. It’s best to monitor your children closely and dial 911 when there’s an immediate danger. Also, get a restraining order to protect yourself and your children even more. If you think your children are at a high risk of being harmed, share your thoughts with your lawyer.
  4. The case goes beyond local jurisdictions. In a perfect world, separated couples live in just one state. That would make child custody cases would be easier. Yet, if you and your ex live in different countries or states, it’s best to be represented by an experienced child custody lawyer. At the same time, do your part and learn about the laws governing your child custody case, especially if it’s on an international level.
  5. Your ex-spouse is preventing you from seeing the children. Once your ex starts to deny visits, cancel your visits the last minute, or limit your communication with the children, consider hiring a child custody lawyer. The mentioned behaviors indicate that you would have to hire a highly-experienced and highly-qualified lawyer to fight for your interests at court.
  6. The conditions in your case have transformed dramatically. Life happens whether one likes it or not. The circumstances of your ex or your own circumstances may change dramatically. When this happens, an experienced child custody lawyer is an order. Moving in with a new love, relocating, or remarrying are situations in which a child custody attorney can prove extremely helpful.
  7. The court wants you to take classes or go through treatment. When the court mandates you to take anger management classes, undergo alcohol or drug rehabilitation, or parenting classes, then you clearly have a disadvantage. This is when you hire the best child custody lawyer to fight for your interests. A valid exception would be if your state or country requires anger management or parenting classes as a vital part of the child custody process.

You may start to represent yourself during the early stages of the child custody case. Once you feel that the situation is getting too difficult for you, hire an experienced, highly-trained child custody lawyer.

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