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Trips, Traveling, and Vacation With Your Children Post Divorce

After the divorce, family trips should still continue to be enjoyable and memorable. When moving forward, families will benefit greatly when both parents come up with a solid plan in regards to the vacation time with the children. Concrete plans help ensure certainty and stability in the child(ren)’s lives.

In a comprehensive parenting plan you will be addressing parenting time for every vacation and holiday in which the children will either spend time with one parent or the other. This is one of the most critical pieces in how both parents will work out their co-parenting. During this time you will address logistics and decision making on behalf of your child(ren).

Many questions may arise during this period and you will need to consider and limitations that one or both of you will need to consider Some of the questions that may arise are:

Will there be a “significant other present” during these times?

Who is allowed to travel with the children?

How will communication take place between the parents and the children during traveling?

Will the children be missing any schooling time?

Serious consideration needs to be given during the developmental plan. This plan gives each parent the chance to voice preferences, thoughts, and concerns when it comes to co-parenting. Even if both parents are great at communicating, it’s always a great idea to use the child(ren)’s school calendar so that there is a default schedule so that certain expectations can be met when it comes to spending the needed or wanted time with the child(ren).

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