child custody mediation

What is Child Custody Mediation?

When a couple with children is going through a divorce, the custody will need to be addressed. Because of the sensitivity of decisions being made, it is imperative to have someone who understands the child mediation process to assist you.

Through mediation, an impartial individual will work with you and your ex to touch on the matters of child custody. This individual will sit down with you and help to open up the conversation between you and your former spouse. This will include deciding where the children will live, what visitation schedule is there, and other essential custody matters.

While this can help to resolve some of the challenges you may face, it is important to understand that mediation is not about getting everything you want. Instead, it is about finding a compromise that ultimately is in the best interest for your children. There may need to be some elements of give and take that are involved in the process. Through mediation, there will be better guidance along the way.

Courts will often use this process to help streamline the process for couples that may not need a traditional court room process. With the judge bogged down with numerous cases, a divorce can become a drawn-out experience that would further complicate matters for the children. This process simplifies things and is legally binding.

When you go through mediation, you do not give up the right to legal counsel. It is your legal right to have an attorney present and it is important that you understand the rights of you and your children. It can be beneficial to speak with a legal counselor to further understand things prior to heading into a child custody mediation session. This allows sessions to be better focused and to achieve actual results.

Because child custody mediation often is a part of the divorce process, it is important to find an individual who handles child custody mediation. Working with this process that has experience will allow you to ensure that everything is handled and the well being of your children has been taken into account the entire time.

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